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This directory is only for Inflatable Businesses.
If you are not an Inflatable Rental or Manufacturing (AKA Moonwalk Rental or Manufacturing) company, save us and yourself time and don't fill out this form!

All submitions will have to be approved. Any incorrect information will result in denial of your request.

"What Not To Do" List!

  1. Do Not: Submit any false information about you or your company.
  2. Do Not: Use the "Sales Pitch" box to fill with keywords.
  3. Do Not: Submit your site more than once.
  4. Do Not: Submit different sites that point back to your main site.
  5. Do Not: Become a S.E.O. (Spam Engine Operator)!

"What To Do" List!

  1. Be Truthful about your business.
  2. Use the "Description" box to describe your company and its services without becoming a S.E.O!!
  3. After submission please try to put our seal on your site! It links back to your Listing Page!
  4. Let us know if there is any way we can help you and serve you better.

Your information will not be shared with any third party and will be used for listing purposes only.

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